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Little Richard 1971 | Little Richard: Rare Photos of Rock and Roll’s Original Wild Man |

It will probably come as no surprise to those familiar with LIFE magazine— especially the LIFE of the 1950s and 1960s— that a pop-culture phenomenon as strange and as raw as Little Richard was not likely to appear frequently or at all in the magazine’s pages. But then, truth be told, LIFE missed the boat when it came to covering more than a few of the seminal characters in rock history: Elvis, Hendrix, the Stones— the very edgiest, or the less easily categorized, figures of those pivotal decades were either ignored or, at best, deemed worthy of only occasional attention by the influential weekly.

Maybe the magazine’s reluctance stemmed from, say, the fact that “Elvis the Pelvis” was a shock to some primarily white sensibilities in the 1950s, or that gloriously sordid rock gods like the Stones were, from the very start, exactly the sort of characters who made all of those lame jokes about “locking up your daughters” seem not so funny after all. These guys— along with wild women like Janis Joplin— projected an explosive sexuality that LIFE seemed to have a hard time making its own, or making sense of.

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Sophia Loren, 1961 | Sophia Loren: Rare and Classic Portraits |

This is the story between a photographer and his subject. I must admit, this was the beginning of my fascination with the tasteful  beauty of woman, and Sophia set the pre-adolescent standards (1964, I was 7 at the time) for my future selection of women. Need I say, I tried hard, but…!

Powerful, enduring relationships sometimes develop between photographer and subject, and such was most definitely the case with LIFE’s Alfred Eisenstaedt and the luminous Italian movie star Sophia Loren. Over the course of their decades-long friendship, Eisenstaedt would take countless pictures of the Oscar-winning legend — most of which never made it into LIFE magazine, and many of which were never intended for the magazine.“Eisie must have shot thousands of pictures of me,” Loren once told, fondly recalling her camera-toting “shadow.” Here, on the Rome native’s 78th birthday, presents a series of Eisenstaedt’s finest portraits of Loren — many of which were not published in…

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Gordon Parks: 100 Years

Photographer Gordon Parks, who captured images of racism and poverty for Life magazine, the Farm Security Administration, and in documentary films, would have been 100 years old Friday. Take a look back at his work.

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