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7 Tips for Photographing at the Zoo

Zoos … love ‘em or hate ‘em?

I think it depends on the zoo. I much prefer open range zoos where the animals have tons of space to roam around and live almost as they would in the wild. I can’t stand to see animals in cages especially when they pace back and forth in frustration. But zoos do play an essential role in conservation and education.

When it comes to photographing at the zoo it’s easy to get distracted by the sheer joy of seeing the animals and forget everything we have learned about photography. Try to remember that all the rules of good composition still apply such as balance, the rule of thirds and, most importantly, no cluttered (or unnatural looking) backgrounds.

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On the Set of January’s Baby Model Photo Shoot

The Camera Club got together last month to bring in the New Year with a starry eyed Baby Shoot! Enjoy photos on the set of an exciting photo shot at last months meeting!

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Black & White Photo Contest |

Announcing our inaugural photo contest showcasing the fine art of Black & White photography. Submit your best black & white images for your chance to win and get published!

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Black History Month Reflections

February is known in America as Black History Month. So in an effort to present Black America through the eyes and lenses of various photographers, I will present a series of images mainly from and other collections both private and public. If you would like to contribute one of your favorite photographs in tribute to Black History Month please email me or add a comment with a link to the URL of your image.Thanks!

Ed Estes

John H. Pinkard Jr. 101st Birthday Celebration!


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