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Using the Sun As A Compositional Element

For the most part, as photographers, we avoid shooting into the sun for fear that we’ll get some unsightly flaring.  The sun DOES present some exposure challenges, and of course, flare is a concern, but by carefully composing your shot, and properly exposing, including the sun in your images can create stunning results.

The first secret to using the sun is about positioning.  When you can, position the sun behind something else in your image. In the image of the photographer above, this gives the effect of a halo, helping create the silhouetted image.  By using exposure compensation to darken the exposure, I kept the sun from blowing out, and darkened the main subject into the silhouette. I then adjusted the white balance and color saturation to get the final result. Because the image was shot at f/2.8, the sun appeared as a giant ball in the image. In another example, the image of the daisies, a wide angle lens was used to make the sun smaller in the image, and was then positioned just behind the stem of the daisy. Because the image was shot at a smaller aperture, f/22, the sun appears as a star rather than a ball.  One of the cool things that happens when shooting into the sun with a wide angle lens at a small aperture is that the light falls off in the areas away from the sun, creating dramatic skies that go from near white by the sun, to deep blue in the corners.

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Simply Arlie Photography Events (Columbia, MD) – Meetup

The purpose of this meetup is to have a Blast! To that end, we’re creating art, making photographs and telling stories — hopefully the kind that won’t get you in trouble, but leaves a lasting impression. The Meetup will offer many opportunities to not learn about improving upon your art. Technics and the basics of photography will also be visited in workshops as well as excursions. Art, and I believe art is photography, should be limitless. BUT, I do not promote art that supports violence or discrimination. Everyone is welcome to join, but know that it is really about a safe, respectful, creative space. If you are a member of this meetup and disturb the creative intention of the group, you will be invited to leave.

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Simply Arlie Photography Events (Columbia, MD) - Meetup

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Announcing the 2013 DCist Exposed Photography Show: DCist

No, you’re not hallucinating. It’s time for a seventh round of DCist Exposed! The images of last year’s marvelous show have barely escaped our memories. Long View Gallery played the gracious and ideal host to two glorious opening nights, enjoyed by patrons partaking in delectable libations as they admired the artwork. Prepare yourselves, people, for similarly delightful times once again.

If you haven’t been down this path with us before, allow us to show you the way. If you’ve been snapping away around the D.C. metro area – whether with your cameraphone, your point & shoot, or your Nikon D800 – you’ve got a month or so to pick your top three shots. Show us our city the way people who live and work here every day see it, and we’ll pick the cream of the crop for our exhibition. Read the rules below for all the details.

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