The Revolve Camera Dolly

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I really love this wonderful video kit! A soon to be purchased item this Spring!

The Revolve Camera Dolly is a photographer’s paradise with the ability to capture and create smooth, dynamic video footage. This system can create a huge spectrum of tracking shots and rotational dolly shots as well as dynamic time lapse and stop motion photography. It is compatible with virtually any camera, and is suitable for all surfaces and locations. If you’re an over-extended artist, this tool is multifaceted enough to keep up with you.

The system includes a rail kit, (which includes a friction arm), that allows the dolly to be used at any location (even rough terrain) to get smooth video. Add your own pipes/rods to create a slider track of any length! Each rail clamp is threaded to accept a tripod mount so you can use the rails at any height, or create incline…

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