Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 Poses and 21 Different Photos

Previously published articles in the Posing Guide series contained hand illustrated posing samples as a guide or reference during your photo shoots. Based upon feedback and questions I received about these guides, I wanted to describe the process in a little more detail and show some real photos created while using these posing techniques.


I’d like to begin by stating once again – the main purpose of using posing samples is only to get your model into some starting point. That’s it. You don’t need to (and quite often you wouldn’t be able to) precisely recreate even the simplified illustrated pose.

This will be a three part series looking at standing, sitting and laying down poses for female models. For the the first article I chose seven sample standing poses and by slightly adjusting each pose I got 21 different photos. Now, let’s take a look at this process.

via Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 Poses and 21 Different Photos.


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