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‘Who is the Mom?’ photo mystery finally solved – NY Daily News

The mom is the one on the left.The identical Indianapolis trio whose selfie stumped the Internet told the Daily News that mother Tina Brown, 35, is the woman on the left, followed by her 16-year-old twin daughters Kyla and Kaylan Mahomes, respectively.“I am the one in the black blazer on the left,” said Brown, laughing. “We didn’t really expect a random picture from when I was picking up the girls from school would lead to all this.”Kaylan posted the photo labeled, “Mom, twin and me” on Jan. 28, and the captivating snap took social media by storm as web users tried to tell the trio apart. The indistinguishable snap was retweeted more than 19,000 times and counting, and received more than 31,000 likes.

Source: ‘Who is the Mom?’ photo mystery finally solved – NY Daily News


Joy Mckinney’s Photographs Show Her Touching Strangers on the Streets of New York

New York-based photographer Joy Mckinney is after a shared experience in The Guardian, a series of photographs in which she has touched 74 strangers on the street, creating images that break the barriers of personal space. The project is an experiment of sorts, Mckinney acknowledges along the way her own perceptions about strangers, space, and time were false—rather people were accepting and willing to share in the connection.

via Joy Mckinney’s Photographs Show Her Touching Strangers on the Streets of New York | Feature Shoot.

How to photograph anything: best camera settings for perfect portrait photography

Any member feedback on this article? Do you agree with most of the recommended settings and techniques? Please enter your comments!

In the second part of our Shoot Like A Pro series on how to photograph any subject you want we take a closer look at the best camera settings for portrait photography. Our guide takes you through blurring backgrounds, setting up your camera for moving subjects, indoors vs outdoor portraits, and more.

via How to photograph anything: best camera settings for perfect portrait photography.

Glamour Photography by Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair is an award winning Australian Fine Art photographer and digital artist. Her distinct style is easily recognisable and highly original. Using a visual narrative to seduce her audience with each photographic feast, Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic. Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury.

Sinclair is an artist who skilfully walks the tightrope that divides the worlds of Fine Art and Commercial Art. Whilst her evocative Fine Art imagery adorns the walls of museums and is held in important art collections, she often translates these skills and signature style into highly polished campaigns in the commercial arena for clients such as Harpers Bazaar and Canon Australia.

via Glamour Photography by Alexia Sinclair / Fashion Photography / Photography Hubs and Blogs.

Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 Poses and 21 Different Photos

Previously published articles in the Posing Guide series contained hand illustrated posing samples as a guide or reference during your photo shoots. Based upon feedback and questions I received about these guides, I wanted to describe the process in a little more detail and show some real photos created while using these posing techniques.


I’d like to begin by stating once again – the main purpose of using posing samples is only to get your model into some starting point. That’s it. You don’t need to (and quite often you wouldn’t be able to) precisely recreate even the simplified illustrated pose.

This will be a three part series looking at standing, sitting and laying down poses for female models. For the the first article I chose seven sample standing poses and by slightly adjusting each pose I got 21 different photos. Now, let’s take a look at this process.

via Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 Poses and 21 Different Photos.

Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography

Nice slideshow composition of people on the street. Great examples of photo editing and using digital filters.

Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography from Victor Meliveo – Photo,Filmaking on Vimeo.

Tour De Fat This Saturday!

Great event to take candid people and action shots! The event is FREE and food and beverages are available! This weekend should be fun and sunny! Bring a hat!!!

Join New Belgium Brewing for the Tour De Fat, a traveling carnival featuring a bicycle parade and entertainment-packed afternoon in Yards Park located near Nats Stadium.Here is the schedule, from the Tour De Fat Facebook page:

Beats Antique
The Moth – True Stories Told Live

Le Tigre Tent
Scot Nery
Honeymoon Cabaret
John Higby

11am: Danger Zone Parade Launch
12pm: Scot Nery Show12:20pm: Honeymoon Cabaret
1:00pm: Slow Ride
1:30pm: The Moth
2:30pm: Stunt Pepper Dance Contest
2:50pm: YoYo People
3:30pm: Car for Bike Trade
4:00pm: Beats Antique
5:00pm: Finale! ”

For more information, visit the Washington Area Bicyclist Association website.RSVP on the Tour De Fat Facebook page and check out some video from last years event …

via Active Life DC | Tour De Fat This Saturday!.

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