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Korean artist creates fantasy worlds in her studio without Photoshop –

Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates worlds of surreal beauty and mystery in her tiny 3 meter x 6 meter studio in the Mangwon-dong neighborhood of Seoul. The 30-year-old documents her dreams, memories, and emotions by building thematic sets, and photographing herself as a character in their narrative. The otherworldly images, which were recently exhibited at the Opiom Gallery in France, portray a tangible representation of the artist’s imagination, and make it hard to believe that she builds the scenery herself, and doesn’t use Photoshop. 

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Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography

Nice slideshow composition of people on the street. Great examples of photo editing and using digital filters.

Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography from Victor Meliveo – Photo,Filmaking on Vimeo.

Take Control Sharpening in Photoshop

Most people who have experimented in Photoshop, especially those who shoot in raw, will have some experience of trying to sharpen an image. Sharpening increases the contrast between neighboring pixels resulting in the visual effect of a crisper image. It is typically the last processing step that should be performed on an image and is often used to enhance already well-focused images or in desperation to try and rescue elements of a photograph that weren’t captured in-focus when the shutter was pressed.

via Take Control Sharpening in Photoshop.

Advanced Skin Retouching Tutorial by ~PorterRetouching on deviantART

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