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Friday’s SI Swimsuit Series

Great Photos of the model GiGi Hadid



Korean artist creates fantasy worlds in her studio without Photoshop –

Korean artist JeeYoung Lee creates worlds of surreal beauty and mystery in her tiny 3 meter x 6 meter studio in the Mangwon-dong neighborhood of Seoul. The 30-year-old documents her dreams, memories, and emotions by building thematic sets, and photographing herself as a character in their narrative. The otherworldly images, which were recently exhibited at the Opiom Gallery in France, portray a tangible representation of the artist’s imagination, and make it hard to believe that she builds the scenery herself, and doesn’t use Photoshop. 

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The Changing Face of the Music Video and What We Can All Learn From It | Fstoppers

The music we use in our work, whether for videos or slide shows for stills images, is an integral part of the narrative and story we are trying tell. The genre, artist and music track we choose, sets the tone for the entire story we wish to tell. I treat music as the keystone that underpins the visual story of a BTS video, commercial work, documentary piece or creative editorial shoot that I am working on.

via The Changing Face of the Music Video and What We Can All Learn From It | Fstoppers.

How Camp 4 Collective Creates Cinematic Aerial Video With The Cineflex

Camp 4 Collective is an adventure film production group with clients like RedBull, The North Face, and National Geographic, so they are often found at the edge of the world, camera equipment in tow. Recently, some of the Camp 4 team traveled to Alaska to shoot some aerial footage. In this video, Anson Fogel explains the Cineflex helicopter camera system, and in the full post he and Tim Kemple answer my questions about its controls, production costs, and what it’s like to play in helicopters.

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Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography

Nice slideshow composition of people on the street. Great examples of photo editing and using digital filters.

Street Portraits Victor Meliveo – Documentary Photography from Victor Meliveo – Photo,Filmaking on Vimeo.

Shooting an Interview

Have you ever wanted to interview someone to tell their story or share their point of view? Do you know how to make a subject feel comfortable in front of a camera? Or how to make sure you’ll get the best material out of the time and resources that you have? What’s your mother’s maiden name?
Ok last question: Do you know how to shoot an interview? If your answer is no, then this is the Video School lesson for you! Watch this video and read on. You’ll be the one asking questions in no time!

10 Steps to Shooting your First DIY Interview from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

War Paint for Trees

War Paint for Trees from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

An experimental short film that captures the transmutation of dead Joshua Trees into works of art as a way to explore change and renewal. Created for “Hello, Again,” an initiative by Lincoln Motor Company that asks filmmakers to reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new. Set in the magical high desert of Southern California, “War Paint for Trees” takes a surreal and unexpected journey that is deeply personal and intensely cosmic.

Watch the "War Paint for Trees" behind-the-scenes film:

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For steave
Created by Jeff Frost

Assistance – Stephanie Alva
Music – "Transmutation of Death II" by Jeff Frost

Thank You:
Jordan McGarry
Hana Newman
Chris Diken
Cain Motter
Brooke Degraw
Michael Lee
My Amazing Parents
Produced by The Lincoln Motor Company

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